Shop & Weapons Update

Attention future pilots, it’s time for a dive into our shop update!

Our developers have been hard at work to bring us what we’ve called the Shop Update. We’re excited to share a little bit about what we’ve worked on for this next version and lightly touch on our plans for the near future. This development update is not released, but it does bring us closer to a product we feel is ready to share with the world so stay tuned for updates on a release date for our upcoming free demo. You’ll find a quick overview of what’s new below.

What’s new?

  • A brand new shop system and shop floor in the player hub
  • Multiple new weapons
    • Shotgun
    • Machine Pistol
    • Super Gun
  • New colors for your bullets
  • One time use speed boosters
  • Various tweaks and improvements


We’ve introduced a few new weapons to the arsenal! As of now, this makes for 4 weapons total in the game. The original pistol is your starting weapon and lets you blast those initial drones out of the sky until you can get an upgrade.

The Shotgun (My personal favorite) is a slower fire rate weapon that allows you to fire a bunch of bullets at once and makes you feel like an absolute badass.

Up next is the Machine Pistol which is like an automatic version of your starter pistol, it fires crazy fast but doesn’t do as much damage, nor does it have the same range as your pistol.

Finally, we added a “Super Gun” as our developer has so aptly named it. It’s pretty neat already, but I think we’re gonna make it even more badass over time so let’s leave the details for a later post…


As you play the game you will generate a certain amount of points, which turn into currency at the end of the round. With this currency, you can purchase various guns and other upgrades like different colors for your projectiles or boosters which let you go really fast for a couple of seconds. You can access the shop from the hub elevator.


Blast off! We added a little booster effect which you can purchase in the shop, it still needs some tweaking before we’re ready to really show it off, but it’s in progress and it’s awesome. Meanwhile, check out some of these maneuvering skills!

Thanks for checking out our shop update, be sure to stick with us for more updates as we continue to work on Airborne: The Beginning! Remember to check out our website for more info on the game.

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Disclaimer: Everything in these blog posts is subject to change at any time as we’re still in development

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